Welcome to weeblrAMP demonstration site!

We have put together this web site to demonstrate how weeblrAMP can be used to implement Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages on your WordPress.org website.

weeblrAMP is an advanced AMP plugin, providing multiple features not found in other similar plugins. It is developed and supported by WeeblrPress.

weeblrAMP demo site is a standard multisite installation of WordPress, with default themes and a set of well known plugins with which weeblrAMP can integrate to perform advanced features, not usually found on AMP sites.

We do not use any custom code, or theme customization: the entire site is built using weeblrAMP settings and options, from the WordPress admin.

At any time, you can use the button in the fixed footer to switch back and forth between the standard and AMP versions of any page.

As this is a demonstration site, please note its content will be reset every day. A running timer, also in the footer, lets you know when the next reset is due.

Here are links to sub-sites, each with specific features:

Multi-purpose site

  • A blog with a mixture of posts, pages, categories, tags, each with an AMP version, with pagination
  • View and leave comments on posts and pages, using Disqus
  • AMP contact form with ContactForm 7 and Gravity Forms
  • Display ads easily, in multiple locations and/or with shortcodes
  • Use Google Analytics to track visits, as well as user events: clicks, scroll,… (Google Tag manager is also an option)
  • Featuring menus and an AMP search box, providing AMPlified search results
  • Display AMP-specific WordPress widgets

A WooCommerce site

  • Browse products and categories AMP pages, with pagination
  • Let users Add to cart from AMP pages
  • Users can sort by price, popularity, …
  • View user reviews, ratings, items on sale
  • Display related products
  • Extensive schema.org Structured data, including contact information and related products

A standalone AMP site

This site is entirely AMP.  It does not have a regular HTML version at all. But it does let you:

  • add a contact form (or a more complex one of course)
  • display ads in multiple location
  • View and leave comments (WordPress built-in comments)

What for? simple sites that should be very, very fast, particularly on mobile devices, but still have some interactivity


Note that all those sites still share common weeblrAMP features such as:

  • All weeblrAMP output is fully overridable through child themes, thems or filters
  • Configurable menus (pick which menus to display, where to display them)
  • Configurable search box
  • Sharing buttons, Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp
  • Different display options for posts, pages, categories, tags, home page,…
  • Admin-configurable colors, fonts, font sizes, background header image
  • Shortcodes to display content only on AMP pages, or only on standard HTML

weeblrAMP is a WordPress plugin by WeeblrPress

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  1. Hi

    Delighted to see one can now post comments directly on the Accelerated Mobile Pages version of a WordPress site!


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