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This demonstration site is what we call a standalone AMP site: most AMP site are based on a regular web site, and some or all of the regular site pages simply have a corresponding AMP version.

But weeblrAMP lets you also creates WordPress sites that are fully autonomous, do not have an amp suffix in their URLs and most importantly do not require a standard HTML page to exist.

For instance, Google’s own AMP by example site is a pure AMP site. Whether viewed on a phone or a desktop computer, you only see the AMP version of it.

What for? AMP pages are so fast on mobile devices that all sites that long for speed and do not require fancy javascript features can exist simply in their AMP, super-fast version. Fitted with a nice form for instance, this can be a very efficient landing page.

But such site can still have many features:

  • an email collection form below
  • the usual social sharing buttons
  • a navigation menu
  • fully functional search ( just click the icon above)
  • commenting (this time we use WordPress comments, not Disqus)
  • it even has a nice 404 error page, check it out here

We have enabled Yoast SEO on this site. The Yoast page title and meta data customization are also used on this AMP page

Sign-up for our newsletter (not!)

Use a GravityForms form (or ContactForm 7 as well) to collect emails addresses, or any type of data, straight from this AMP-only page:

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


This is a demonstration site, you are not really signing-up for any newsletter, and the database is wiped up and reset everyday, so we will not even keep your address at all!


And do not forget to leave a comment! yes, that’s possible also, right below!


weeblrAMP is a WordPress plugin by WeeblrPress

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